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Meet the Team Behind WONDER CITY

WONDER CITY is a comic-book-style adventure game where players realize their own ideals of leadership and heroism by shaping the story of a teenage superheroine. Targeted to tween audiences, players will have to balance different values, outcomes, and relationships to determine what’s important to them and how they think a hero should act.




Last year, through the Tribeca Film Institute, we were honored with a fellowship with Games for Change — an organization that facilitates the creation and distribution of social-impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts. Games for Change has come aboard as one of our key non-profit partners. We also had the opportunity to participate in the BAVC Producers’ Institute for New Media, where we worked with key members from Games for Change to further develop WONDER CITY.



WONDER CITY’S talented creators now include:

Naomi Clark has been designing and producing digital games and virtual worlds for nearly 20 years, starting by designing early virtual worlds as a teenager. She has grown and managed many online communities, from message boards for youth groups to the vibrant community surrounding one of the first multiplayer web games, Sissyfight 2000. In the last decade, Clark has worked as a producer, game designer and creative director at studios such as Gamelab, Blue Fang, and Fresh Planet. These projects included downloadable games such as Egg vs. Chicken and Miss Management; web games such as Josefina’s Market Day for American Girl; Facebook games like Zoo Kingdom and The Specialists; and large community projects such as Gamestar Mechanic, a website where kids create and share their own games.

Tamarind King is a recent graduate of Stanford University Bachelor of Arts program. She has worked as a graphic artist, animator, and sequential artist and is a bright young star in the illustrative arts. King did the title and credit sequence for the WONDER WOMEN! film and will do the concept art for the game.

Phoebe Harris Elefante directs narratives. Drawing on a background in political science and economics, with a masters in media management, she synthesizes vast immersive story worlds with multi-platform distribution strategies to meet the demands of 21st century players. As the founder of Mstrmnd Ltd, she developed and produced a print and web magazine, “Mstrmnd,” designed games and web experiences for several clients, including: CBS, Sprint, Rockstar Games, and Melissa Auf der Maur’s music video project “Out Of Our Minds.” Phoebe’s writing credits include “Captain Heartless: Legend of the Lost Heart,” a literacy-building adventure game, AT&LT’s “The Lost Function,” an algebra role-playing game, and “The Tides,” a casual MMO for tween girls.

Melody Lu likes thinking with a pencil or a stylus in hand, and she pretty much never stops drawing. Over the years, she’s created illustrations and animations for TV series pitches, medical textbooks, kid’s books, magazines, comics and commercials, but most of her recent work has been in social games, including Top 10 Free iTunes and Android Marketplace games. Melody studied animation at Vancouver Film School and has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Yale University.

We’re aiming to role out the game’s pilot episode – in an abbreviated form – at the time of our April 15 PBS | Independent Lens broadcast. Be sure to check back for further updates in March.

WONDER WOMEN! Selected for BAVC’s Producers Institute for New Media Technologies

WONDER WOMEN! is one of six documentary teams selected to develop interactive Web, mobile, multimedia, and game projects at the Producers Institute for New Media Technologies at the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) in San Francisco from October 12 – 19, 2012.

The Producers Institute for New Media Technologies is a week-long social impact laboratory that connects the world’s best social issue documentary filmmakers and partner nonprofit organizations with leading technologists and mentors to develop transmedia tools and story assets to make social change happen on the ground.

Projects selected for 2012 include stories from local, national, and international producers on a wide range of social justice topics including homelessness, immigration, economic justice, educational opportunity, democracy and human rights.

We got a Sundance Grant!

The Sundance Institute has given a grant to THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE AS TOLD BY WONDER WOMAN! WOO!! Check it out here!

Out of 650 applicants from 80 different countries, we are lucky enough to be one of the 29 feature documentary films from 9 different countries, chosen to receive the grant. This is great news and will no doubt help the film to its completion. We are thrilled to receive the honor!

And we are not the only Super Hero film to get it:

A film called Wham! Bam! Islam! by, Isaac Solotaroff, is one to watch out for. It is about the first comic book in Islam called “THE 99” and the controversy over it. Tradition vs. Change. (watch the trailer on their web site)

“Naif Al-Mutawa is on a mission to create THE 99 – the first Islam-inspired superheroes with their own comic books, theme parks and animation series. Conceived with the intention of countering political and religious extremism, THE 99 now find themselves at the center of a debate over shifting definitions of the sacred and the secular that calls THE 99’s future into question.”

Looks interesting!

In the continuing production of Wonder Woman, Kristy has spent the last week shooting with “Reel Grrls” in Seattle. “Reel Grrls empowers young women from diverse communities to realize their power, talent and influence through media production.” It offers workshops and skill training to help build filmmaking competencies as well as develop long lasting relationships with filmmakers. It was all so much fun to be a part of their summer video camp. We learned a lot and we made new friends!






– Jackie Grieff

Aspiring Director/Editor working on a Bachelors degree in Digital Film and Video Production at The Art Institute of California – San Francisco. Interning with Kristy Guevara-Flanagan for the project THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE AS TOLD BY WONDER WOMAN. Self-proclaimed nerd, and long time super hero lover.

UNSOLICITED GRANT from the Aepoch Fund!!


Guess what?? THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE AS TOLD BY WONDER WOMAN received an UNSOLICITED GRANT from the Aepoch Fund! That sure feels nice! And it couldn’t have come at a better time as we launch into a summer of shooting and travel!!!