The Characters

Gloria Steinem, Feminist and Political Activist

American feminist, journalist, and social and political activist who became nationally recognized as a leader of, and media spokeswoman for, the Women’s Liberation Movement in the late 1960s and 1970s, Steinem surprisingly also has a lot to say about Wonder Woman.

Lynda Carter, Actress (Wonder Woman)

Actress Lynda Carter discusses her performance of the longest-running female superhero as the title character on the 1970s television series “Wonder Woman,” and how the experience has impacted her life. She also talks about why she feels the television character she helped to create has had such a profound and lasting impact on multiple generations of fans.

Lindsay Wagner, Actress (The Bionic Woman)

Actress Lindsay Wagner, most widely known for her portrayal of Jaime Sommers in the 1970s television series “The Bionic Woman,” shares stories about her experience as one of the earliest televised female superheroes. Lindsay also talks about why she feels there exists a strong need for similar icons of female power for young men and women today.

Andy Mangels, Wonder Woman Collector & Wonder Woman Day Founder

Wonder Woman collector, scholar, activist and enthusiast, Andy is known throughout the comics industry as Wonder Woman’s number-one fan. Founder of Wonder Woman Day – an annual fundraiser designed to raise money for battered women’s shelters – Andy describes his devotion to Wonder Woman as “almost religious.” Joking that he has more (wonder) women in his life than any gay man he knows, and speaking to the broad appeal of the character, Andy’s fanaticism begs the question: What can Wonder Woman tell us about the role sex and gender plays in feminism today?

Trina Robbins, Author and Comics Herstorian

Trina Robbins has been writing graphic novels, comics and books for over thirty years. From Wonder Woman to the Powerpuff Girls to her own teenage superheroines in “Go Girl!” – her characters have ranged from superheroines to women who kill. A veteran of San Francisco’s underground comix movement (along with R. Crumb and other renegades), she now delivers passionate lectures on comics, graphic novels and girl power throughout the United States and Europe.

Jen Stuller, Author

Jen Stuller is a Seattle-based writer and scholar, specializing in gender and sexuality in popular culture. A critic, thinker, and an occasional knitter, she has vowed to use her powers only for good. Her most recent book, “Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors: Superwomen in Modern Mythology,” is a comprehensive history, critique, and reference guide examining feminist history and potential within popular culture.

Katie Pineda, Wonder Woman Fan and 4th Grader

Katie laments that not enough people know about Wonder Woman. She’s Katie’s favorite superhero, “because she’s strong, amazing, and she saves a lot of lives.” Katie loves to shoot arrows, beat her dad at video games, write comic books, and, on occasion, dress like her favorite superhero.

Carmela Lane, Wonder Woman Fan and Mom

Carmela has used Wonder Woman as her life’s inspiration and has multiple tattoos to prove it. An émigré from Brazil, she works and raises her daughter in New York and hopes that she can teach her daughter how to be a strong “Wonder Girl.”